First Impressions Package / Start your Dating Journey feeling Amazing

Our First Impressions package is designed to help you build up your confidence, look great and start you on your dating journey.

Our experienced team are committed to helping you and are excited about the opportunities we can bring to our clients.



Image Consultant
A Team of Life Coaches


"If you've been overlooked previously, maybe not taken seriously or not stood out, then this is the package for you. You'll be more visible, you'll be noticed and you'll be memorable for the right reasons."


Our Image consultant has been brought in for:


  • A .30 minute chat to establish what impression you want to give including

            - how you want to appear

            - what you wish to communicate to your potential matches


  • A Mini colour analysis to determine what your natural colour characteristics are to identify which colours will:

            - flatter your complexion

            - help you look younger, more radiant and approachable.



  • A Mini style assessment to determine: 

           - Your lifestyle

           - style personality

           - best fabric cuts and styles to flatter your shape so that you                can look and feel more confident, taller or slimmer.



  • A Wardrobe audit to determine which items you already own that can be worn for dates to best reflect the impression you wish to show. This includes:

           - The best colours for you

           - Most flattering styles 


"Become focused on what you want in your life. Build your confidence and self-esteem"


Before your first date, you have the opportunity to meet one of our specialist life coach to help you start the dating process.


In this First Date Coaching Session, they'll be looking at how they can help you get the best from yourself and your romantic life.


Our Life Coaches are here to help you.


  • You'll be told about:

             -Getting the best out of dating by making a lasting first                        impression.

             -Learn how to date so that you and your partner have fun                 and leave wanting to do it all again!

             -Making the best of yourself so that you maximise your                       chances.



  • You'll be given advice and help on:

            -Overcoming limiting beliefs from the past, loving the                           person you are and improving self-esteem.

            -Developing healthy relationship skills and boundaries

            -Getting out and doing things you really enjoy so that you                   shine!


Our team of Life Coaches are there to help overcome common blocks standing in their way of finding and attracting love and the relationship they desire.


Consider this as an opportunity to have some expert advice and feedback on your first date and the impression you give out.



£995 For All Consultations


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